Single Malt Whisky



Speyside Region 25yo

1993 - 2018

Sherry Cask



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Preis/Liter: 198,57

Note vom Pit Krause,

This is like a gingerbread with a chocolate-chili coating, very appropriate for the season. The Oloroso smell and hints of a dry n‘ spicy classic ooze out of my tasting tulip. I am getting sherry, old wood, orange zest, soaked gingerbread, dusty warehouse, green tea and herbs, dark chocolate, Maraschino cherry gelee, dates, apricot, humidor, and: Chili! Altogether rather an old style dram … and on the palate? Less dry than expected! Great stuff with an exciting back n‘ forth between sweetness (jammy) and spiciness, yet in very good balance. Cough syrup-complexity  It finishes lengthy and full of finesse, echoes of cherries, chocolate, dates and sloeberries linger. A real recommendation!

Score: 90

Glenrothes 20yo

1997 - 2017

Sherry Cask



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Preis/Liter: 208,57

tasting note:

Note from Pit:

Glenrothes 20 y.o. malt mountains 1997 – 2017, sherry cask, 50,3%

Comment:Glenrothes malt mountains Glenrothes ranks really high among blenders, and rightfully so. I also adore this malt with its bloodorange-tang. Oliver Späth already had a nice Glen Keith, Tobermory and the astonishing Bladnoch in his range, and this bottling is his latest. In this one, the sherry is dominant yet not overpowering, it goes in a balsamic direction altogether. There is more to it than just raisins, as some modern casks are these days. It is kirsch gateau (chocolate cake soaked in cherry schnaps) with hazelnuts and fudge, a dessert dram, earthy like a Glendronach but less dry, also whiffs of orange peel, humidor and cedar wood are to be nosed. On the palate it is very typical, a well-balanced sherry dram with blood orange and forest floor. Overall not overly complex but simply good at what it is and does. Long satisfying finish. Thanks Oliver! Good pick, again. Available here.

Score: 90+



1995 - 2015




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Preis/Liter: 178,57

tasting note:

Nase: Sternfrucht, Birne, weiße Pfirsich, Zimt

Gaumen: weiße Schokolade und Pfeffer, Weihnachtsgewürze und Chilli

Abgang: trockener werdend und mundwässernd, leichter Anklang von Peat (kein Rauch)


Glen Keith 20yo

1995 - 2015




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Preis/Liter: 197,14

tasting note:

sehr fruchtig und frisch, Honig und Butterkaramell, etwas Mandel, Eiche und Pfeffer


Bladnoch 26yo

1990 - 2016




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Preis/Liter: 217,14

tasting note:

Marzipan, Weingummi, Stachelbeere, Mandeln, etwas Lakritz, Kirsche